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Adapt to ThOr functor and algorithm naming changes

Alex Pearce requested to merge apearce-particle-functor-cleanup into master

Follows the changes in Rec!2456 (merged) and Phys!945 (merged). Relevant here are changes to the ThOr-based HLT2 part of the integration tests:

  • COMPOSITEMASS functor is now just MASS.
  • Combiner changes:
    • Property names are different (Comb12Cut -> CombinationCut, VertexCut -> CompositeCut).
    • Accepts a single decay descriptor.
    • Accepts one input container per child.

Requires Rec!2456 (merged), Phys!945 (merged), and Moore!862 (merged). Related to DaVinci!550 (merged).

Edited by Alex Pearce

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