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ThOr clean-ups

Alex Pearce requested to merge apearce-particle-functor-cleanup into master
  • Particle combination objects now support the PT functor.
    • Allows for PT usage in combination cuts.
  • The combiner no longer evaluates the mother cut if the vertex fit fails.
    • The counter name now explicitly includes the vertex fit failure 'cut'.

Some breaking changes related to the combiner:

  • There is now a one-to-one correspondence between the Nth input container and the particles used for the Nth child.
    • There are N input properties named Input1, …, InputN.
  • There is no daughter/child cuts property as one can equivalently filter on the Nth input container.
  • The MotherCut property is now called CompositeCut.
  • The various CombXCut properties are now called CombinationXCut.
  • The combiner requires that identical particles in the decay descriptor are next to each other.
  • The combiner is more efficiency if 'rarer' particles are earlier in the decay descriptor.

For consistency the VertexCut property and InputX properties of the ThOr::Combiner (which acts on SOA objects) have been changed to reflect the names in the NBodyCombiner (which acts on AOS objects).

Requires Rec!2456 (merged). Required for Moore!862 (merged), DaVinci!550 (merged), and MooreAnalysis!39 (merged).

Edited by Alex Pearce

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