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ThOr functor clean-ups

Alex Pearce requested to merge apearce-particle-functor-cleanup into master

Addresses a few rough edges found when rolling out ThOr functors to HLT2 lines:

  • The PT functor now supports ParticleCombination inputs, allowing to act like the APT LoKi functor.
  • The ETA, CHI2, and CHI2DOF GHOSTPROB, and MINIP functors now support LHCb::Particle input.
    • The CHI2DOF functor now works for both charged basic and composite objects, as the documentation states it should.
    • The TrChi2PerDoF implementation has been dropped as the CHI2DOF functor does the same thing.
  • The MASS functor has been redefined to act like the COMPOSITEMASS functor, which has now been dropped. MASS now acts like the M and AM LoKi functors.
    • The original MASS functor has become the MASSWITHHYPOTHESES functor. This isn't used in HLT2 yet but will be useful as a WMASS equivalent once support is added.


  • A reasonable cut on the BPVLTIME functor removes all candidates; must be computing wrong.

Required for Phys!945 (merged), Moore!862 (merged), DaVinci!550 (merged), and MooreAnalysis!39 (merged).

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