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2024-03-07: merge of 24.0 into main

Two conflicts on this one:

  • InnerDetector/InDetCalibAlgs/TRT_CalibAlgs/python/

The conflict was generated by !69487 (merged) in main (author @tstreble) and !69561 (merged) in 24.0 (author @serodrig). I had to manually resolve the conflict. Please have a look at it and let me know if the resolution looks OK to you. Thanks.

  • Tools/WorkflowTestRunner/python/

A new test af3_PHYS_Run3 has been introduced in 24.0. Also, !69490 (merged) in the main required updating of ref files for all derivation tests. Finally, as per @dguest message, the changes from !69490 (merged) are going to be back-ported to 24.0 which opens up a possibility for conflicts in future sweeps into the main. CC again @wlampl and @tadej

This sweep contains the following MRs:

Edited by Vakhtang Tsulaia

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