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Fix compilation of Pi0Calibration in DD4hep mode

Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_dd4hepCompilation into master

Including :

  • cleaning up a bit the makefile and separating cleanly the module code
  • large modernization of Pi0Calibration code
  • dropping of unused DetCond in TAlignment, breaking DD4Hep build
  • removing dependency on DetDesc in GetElementsToBeAligned
  • moving 3DTransformationFunctions from LHCb to Alignment, as it's only used here

Part of set of MRs Detector!292 (merged) LHCb!3789 (merged) Lbcom!629 (merged) Rec!3126 (merged) Boole!418 (merged) Allen!1021 (merged) Analysis!922 (merged) Moore!1806 (merged) Moore!1822 (merged) !316 (merged) Panoptes!186 (merged)

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