Adapted code to drop of DetDesc compilation in DD4hep mode

Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_ITransportSvcsimplification into master

Included :

  • dropping unused classes not compiling with DD4hep
    • namely RichDigitQC and RichDigiAlgMoni
  • Modernized and converted to derived conditions a number of classes
    • UTTightDigitCreator, MCFTG4AttenuationInterpolationTool, MCFTAttenuationTool
    • SiPMResponse, MCFTG4AttenuationTool, VPDepositCreator, VPDigitCreator

Part of set of MRs Detector!292 (merged) LHCb!3789 (merged) Lbcom!629 (merged) Rec!3126 (merged) !418 (merged) Allen!1021 (merged) Analysis!922 (merged) Moore!1806 (merged) Moore!1822 (merged) Alignment!316 (merged) Panoptes!186 (merged)

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