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Adapted code to drop of DetDesc compilation in DD4hep mode

Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_ITransportSvcsimplification into master

In particular :

  • Cleaned up ITransportSvc and IMaterialLocator interface
    • dropped old non reentrant methods
    • renamed reentrant methods withour "_r"
    • return intersections in intersect/intersections methods, rather than relying on filling a vector passed by reference (and cleaning it first)
    • dropped unused entry points
  • Adapted TransportSvc interface to DD4hep
    • Essentially fixing the code in MaterialLocators and EnergyCorrection tools
  • drop usage of PreloadGeometry tool. It's now obsolete
  • used properly derived conditions in the Calo code
  • Drop unused features of CaloFutureCorrectionBase
  • Cleaned up condition usage in CaloReco code
  • Put non stupid defaults for derived conditions' paths so that the functor cache is happy...
  • Modernized a lot of code (conversion to functional, usgae of derived conditions, usgae of yaml conditions, ...)
  • GetLumiParameters (and merged RateFromTCK into it)
  • CaloFutureCorrectionBase, FutureClusterCovarianceMatrixTool, FutureSubClusterSelectorTool
  • PVOfflineTool, TrackParametrizedExtrapolator, SelectiveElectronMatchAlg
  • TrackUnbiasedPVFinderSoA, TrackBeamLineVertexFinder, FastPVFinder
  • FilterFillingScheme, LumiAccounting
  • Dropped unused Loki functor DistanceToBeamLine, FastDOCAToBeamLine and BeamSpot

Part of set of MRs Detector!292 (merged) LHCb!3789 (merged) Lbcom!629 (merged) !3126 (merged) Boole!418 (merged) Allen!1021 (merged) Analysis!922 (merged) Moore!1806 (merged) Moore!1822 (merged) Alignment!316 (merged) Panoptes!186 (merged)

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