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Refactored Muon{Background,Digitization,DigitChecker} to work with both DetDesc and DD4hep

Marco Clemencic requested to merge modernize-muonbackground into master
  • refactored and cleaned up
  • removed unused code
  • made most methods const
  • wrapped all detector related cache to a dedicated class instance
  • fixed some multi-threading issues

Requires LHCb!3596 (merged) LHCb!3636 (merged) Detector!219 (merged) Detector!204 (merged) LHCb!3649 (merged) gaudi/Gaudi!1343 (merged)

Partially addresses #9

Note that I had to partially revert d9f97492 because without Boole configurables we cannot even try to start the tests.

Edited by Marco Clemencic

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