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[QEE] Collection MR for May 15th Deadline

Luke Grazette requested to merge qee_upgrade_24 into 2024-patches

Sitting at/above 2024-patches with commit c03c775c


QEE MR Policy

MR Progress BW changes Stream Short description
!3352 (merged) Merged None HLT2 Fix Hlt2 mass monitoring issue seen in many QEE lines
!3353 (merged) Merged ~-10 MB/s Excl.Sprucing misc. Jet code follow up cleaning (see + bugfixes
!3363 (merged) Merged ~-10 MB/s Excl.Sprucing Full Add ECal/HCal EoP cuts to SingleHighPtElectron lines to reduce prescale
!3418 (merged) Merged QEE Turbo Reduction O(1%) Turbo Add PIDMU cuts to EW calibration modes Jpsi/U1S + expand mass windows
!3432 (merged) Merged Turbo Hlt2 BW ~+10 MB/s Turbo Downstream changes: DD versions of BtoMajoLep_MajotoLepLep lines
Didn't make the deadline
MR Progress BW changes Stream Short description
!3416 Draft Turbo BW +40 MB/s tbc Turbo Downstream changes: new Sexaquark line
!3443 (merged) Draft Turbo BW reduction ~300 MB/s on Data Turbo DiMuonNoIP lines using Hlt1 filters

Most recent ci-test. !3354 (comment 7965644)


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