Daily merge of 23.0 into master


  1. InnerDetector/InDetRecTools/SiClusterOnTrackTool/src/ITkStripClusterOnTrackTool.cxx. Kept the master version as discussed with @ncalace and @christos
  2. Three scripts in Simulation/G4Atlas/G4AtlasApps/test: test_AtlasG4_cosmics_configuration.py, test_AtlasG4_tf_configuration.py, test_TestBeam_tf_configuration.py coming from conflicting changes in test___G4AtlasAlg_ListOfSetProperties functions from 23.0 and the master. Conflicts resolved manually. CC @jchapman. Hopefully, I got it right
  3. Tools/WorkflowTestRunner/python/References.py. As always, this will require updating refs after the first CI run fails ...

This sweep contains the following MRs:

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